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Composite Decks


Live to Feel the Difference


At Kaloutas Brothers, we believe that a well-crafted deck is more than just an outdoor structure; it's an extension of your lifestyle. Our commitment to excellence is displayed in every deck we build, combining aesthetics with functionality.

Explore how our expertise, creativity, and dedication can transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment.


Custom Railings

Variety of materials to chose. from such as wood, aluminum, steel. and glass


Trust our skilled team for expert installation of lighting solutions tailored to your needs.

Longevity Assurance

We use high-quality products like GTape (link) to safeguard the life of wood support joists.

Quality Fastening

Count on us to fasten all construction materials with non-rusting screws.

Decades of Carpentry Mastery

With over three decades of combined carpentry experience, we can install wood and composite mateerials.

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